Wednesday January 17, 2018

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Serious Chill
In this issue we take a look at the adventure tourism activities Mongolia has to offer, even in the middle of Arctic like conditions, frozen lakes, and temperatures that can get as low as -30.
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Hunting With Eagles In Byaan Olgii
Western Mongolia's annual Eagle Festival takes place this month, with Mongolian Kazaks displaying their eagle hunting and horsemanship skills in this most spectacular of ancient silk road sports.
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The Mongolian Dalai Lama
-Making A Buddhist Sand Madala
-An Introduction To Mongolian Buddhism
-Sven Hedins Riddles Of The Gobi
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Mongolia's Tigers
-The Siberian and Caspian Tigers
-Trekking to Manzushir Khiid
-Wild Tiger Lilies
-The Lama Of The Gobi
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The Mongolian Wildlife Issue
-Wolf Hunting In Khentii
-Mongolian Wildlife - The Big Game
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The Ice Fishing Issue
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The Jeep Issue
-The amazing story of the Russian GAZ69 Jeep and how it evolved from England to Mongolia
-We discover - Mongolian Whisky distilled in Speyside !
-Mongolia From Space - NASA's latest shots
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Naadam Festival Issue
-The Competitions - Wrestling, Archery & Horse Racing
-Mongolia Vodka Tasting
-Mongolia's Music Scene from Hip Hop and Rock to Classical & Throat Singing
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The Six Places You Must Visit In Mongolia
-Introduction to Ulaan Baatar, The Gobi Desert, Khovsgol, Altai, Khanghai & Khentii
-Przewalski's Wild Horse
-Interview with Jargalsaikhan, Mongolia's John Lennon
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