Monday August 19, 2019

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Wolf Hunting In Khentii


Wolves are on the increase in Mongolia and are often found attacking livestock and horses, which they then kill indiscriminately in a blood lust, far more than they can actually need. For this reason culls are undertaken locally in many locations across the country when valuable animals get taken. While I do not generally condone hunting, and especially of endangered species, the wolf is best kept to manageable numbers. Mongolia is overrun by wolves. They are a serious menace to stock. Mongolians hunt them all the time and the State Department Store is full of their skins. Therefore it must be a relatively easy task to track them down and shoot them? Wrong.

On a cold October Friday afternoon I set off from Ulaan Baatar for Tsenhermandal. There I was to meet my Mongolian friend who I had been unwise enough to tell I wanted to go wolf hunting. After cruising along the amazing new Japanese road through Baganuur, I arrived. A brief reunion and off we set. An hour and a half to the south of the main road, I found myself lying in a snow filled ditch with a very fine German hunting rifle, gazing at the side of a valley bathed in evening sunlight. Half an hour passed before I heard the whooping sound of the beaters. Suddenly high on the crest of the valley to the left six shadows moved quickly across the face of the hill towards us. So it was easy. But then they turned and swept the other way. There was something not quite right. They were deer. All the same to my companions, but not while I was lying in a now wet cold ditch. I was getting cold and damp. Not good.

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