Monday August 19, 2019

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An Evening With The Shamen


Shamanist rituals have long been part of Mongolian traditional culture, going way back before the days of Chingghis Khan, yet modern persecution during the Soviet occupation all but wiped them out and left just small pockets of this ancient set of beliefs, mainly in the sub-arctic north of the country. Yet nowadays, with resurgence in Mongolia’s national pride and the freedom to practice traditional religious beliefs, shamanism is starting to make a comeback. Shamans have long been a bridge between human existence and the natural world, and are often well versed in the arts of traditional medicines, as well as being able to read weather, predict animal behavior in addition to connecting with the earths spirits in order to circumnavigate mere mortal senses and delve into the unconscious world of fortune telling, casting spells, and healing. They often also act as the local societies social leader. Consequently, they are a fix-it for all manner of necessary daily rituals and beliefs and help to bind local communities together as well as provide practical medicinal and natural knowledge to a people whose lives are so well integrated with the natural movements and phenomena on living with the land.

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